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MAGO: Hi Patricia, first off we’re really excited to be talking to you about your major moves in life with music. You’ve have really popped-off with your Insta, so tell us, how did you get your social media props?

HEIR: I remember I used to post pictures on Tumblr and Facebook as a teenager, those were my very first platforms on the internet. I slowly moved to Instagram as it evolved into the app it is today.

Yeah, Insta as a platform has come pretty far in the past few years. Did you ever think it would have impacted your career as much as it has? 

I’ve always loved expressing myself and I found it a very democratic channel but I never truly realized the impact the internet would have on the day to day life. I think I had a very organic growth and I was never truly thinking of turning it into a business, it just all happened by chance.

I’ve noticed you’re always somewhere different in your posts: London, Greece, Spain. How did you grow your traveling wings?

Yeah, I traveled with my parents a lot as they’re musicians and they were often on tours.

Speaking of traveling for pleasure, what are your top 3 favorite places? 

I mostly travel for work but it’s been two years that I’ve been trying harder to travel for pleasure as well. When I’m traveling for work I mostly see hotel rooms and sets so I don’t get to enjoy the different cultures and cities that I visit. But to answer your question Napoli, the city I grew up in, London, the city I live in and Marrakech, the city I would love to buy a house in.

I’m bilingual myself so I can imagine you can flex your linguistic muscles. Did you pick up any languages during your travels?

I speak Italian, English, and Romanian fluently, and I understand Russian but have a hard time speaking it.

That’s awesome. With your worldly experience can you share with us some travel tips? 

Stay off your phone if you can... It makes your experience real.

How has being a global citizen influenced your music? 

Traveling really inspires me. Hearing different types of sounds and genres in different countries really helps you experiment a lot more with your own.

Diversity is golden as inspiration to all creator and it definitely shows in your music videos and influences. So, let’s talk about the language of fashion, has it always been a passion of yours?

Absolutely yes, I’ve always been interested in the business and sociology aspects of fashion, on how trends are set, and what makes people invest in certain purchases.

How did you get discovered as a fashion persona? 

I went to a fashion show on a friend’s invitation and ended up on many magazines that week.

That is always so exciting to be published and now even recognized by a lot of influential brands, like Dior. What do you think they saw in you?

I think they liked who I was as a persona and it was on-brand with what they were communicating.

What do you think is your personal style? 

I think it’s expressing your own personality. It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about how you wear them, how you walk and the energy you give out.

Can you tell us about the name Heir and where it comes from? And do you prefer going by your name or by Heir for your music?

Heir, naturally. It comes from my parents, I inherited music from them so Heir just seemed like the perfect name to pay homage to them.

Is music something you’ve always had a passion for, or is it something new?

I’ve always dreamed of doing music, my parents are musicians so it runs in my veins. It wasn’t although something I thought about doing as a job growing up because my parents always kind of pushed me towards different things. I guess being an artist was a very unstable path for them and they didn’t want that for me.

Do you play any instruments, besides your vocals of course?

The piano and electronic pads.

You seem to have many sides to you, some sweet and some spice. How do you see yourself?

I like to think I can be everything, that’s empowering to me. I like being adorable, masculine and why not sexy.

When did you write your first song, and what was it about?

I was probably 9 and it was about a boy at my school who was saying he liked both me and my best friend.

I find we all are broken in many special ways and at times are those parts that make us shine. You talk about how you want to build a relationship with your flaws. Can you speak a bit about that? 

I have so many flaws and my past has made me who I am today. We all got a lot of baggage and I have been struggling in dealing with mine. At the end of the day, I would never want to be anybody else. I like living in my skin but it’s taken a while. It has nothing to do with beauty and how you look, it’s deeper than that, it’s all got to do with trauma most of the times.

What are some social issues you feel you can bring light to especially to your followers?

I’ve never been cyber bullied in a hard core way and I hate when that happens to others, especially young kids. I’ve always had a lot of support, especially when it came to music, my followers were the first ones to encourage me to take it seriously.

You are now on our radar! It sounds like the beat of life is pulsating in your world, and it seems that you’ll keep evolving and growing into new mediums of expression. I’m excited to see your career in music take off, and what you’ll bring us next. Thank you for taking time out of your booming schedule and talking with us and our readers. 

Styling HEIR & KIRSTY STEWART Hair  And Make -Up Koji Ichikawa, using GLOSS MODERNE Musician PATRICIA MANFIELD Retouch NYC RETOUCHES  Production K&D PRODUCTIONS

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